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My must have kitchen tool

Breakfast sandwich, partially constructed.

Mr. LoveLiveAdventure and I sometimes have very conflicting ideas about what we need in our house. I admit I tend to stockpile cookbooks, food magazines, antiques, and stacks of things I will take care of “later”. He however is a sucker for “as seen on tv” and all manner of kitchen counter-space-taker-uppers-with-only-one-use items. Bonus points if they light up in some fashion.

I have a love/hate relationship with specialized cooking gadgets. My rice cooker is a must have because I cannot master the art of cooking rice, but I view things like the banana slicer with scorn. I’m not having that in my kitchen, but Mr.LLA would gladly have a kitchen full of such things.

My favorite food is avocado. I eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I chop them up and top them with runny eggs, I eat them mashed with salmon or tuna, I eat them as guacamole, I drink them in smoothies. Seriously the avocado fun never stops around here. So of course, Mr. LLA, shortly into our relationship, asks why don’t I have an avocado slicer. Why? – because I have a kitchen full of these things call KNIVES!! Why would I ever need such a ridiculous item taking up valuable kitchen space?

Fast forward a few years, and Mr. LLA is waiting around the grocery store for a prescription after a dental procedure, and decides to do some shopping. As he comes into the house with an armful of bags, he says, “I got you a treat”. I was expecting chocolate or wine. Instead, I got an avocado slicer. I turned around as I rolled my eyes, but I did promise to give it a try that night at dinner. I must admit that he was right. I should have gotten one years ago. I have used it every single day since it entered my kitchen.

Removing the pit is so easy!

The avocado slicer makes removing the pit a breeze. When using a knife, I would attempt to hit the pit with the sharp side of the knife blade and then twist, but often this took several tries and ended up slicing off bits of the pit. Apparently many people get injured by trying to remove avocado pits in a similar fashion. Check out this story. I guess I am lucky that I have never suffered from “avocado hand”.

My only warning is that the avocado slicer works best if the avocado is ripe. If you are like me and occasionally find yourself with an almost ripe avocado, and a mad craving, it is slightly more difficult to scoop out the flesh with the slicer part so that you get nice slices like on my breakfast sandwich.

Do you have a kitchen gadget with a very specific use that you like? Am I wrong about the banana slicer? Do you too have a thing for avocados and have a recipe to share? Please comment.