Looking forward

The start of this school year has been rough. At the start of our teacher workdays, I fell down the stairs and sprained my finger. Do you know how hard it is to setup your classroom and type up various lesson plans and complete paperwork while wearing a splint? My finger is much better now, although there is still a weird knot on my knuckle.

The students have been back for two weeks now, and my immune system seems to still be on summer break. I woke up last Friday with a sore throat, signaling my first cold of the year! In addition, what I thought was a minor skin irritation on Wednesday, has turned into a full blown rash on most of one side of my torso. Having sensitive skin is no fun.

This blog is supposed to be about adventures though, not complaints.

This summer I decided to get involved as a volunteer with the Girls on the Run program. I’m hoping to get a team together at my school. BUT that means that I will need to start running again. It has been 2 years and about 25 pounds since I ran consistently. Plus, I am in a new city and kind of leery about where to go running. I know that my city has many greenways, but the introvert in me is hesitant. At times like these, I need to remember that life begins at the edge of my comfort zone. So, I’ve joined a running group.

The group doesn’t start meeting until mid-September, which is after the GOTR season starts, but I figure that as an added bonus, maybe I will make some friends. Another downside to being an introvert means that since I moved here, I haven’t put myself into situations where I can potentially make friends. I had the best of intentions this summer to check out places like the climbing gym, but shyness won. I had to pay a fee to join the running group, so that will motivate me to show up.

My birthday is this week. 40 something. I’m setting a goal for this next year – get fit and take more trips. Even if they are only short weekend ones. I am planning something big for next summer, but that is a topic for another day.

I hope you will join me over the next 12 months, and help hold me accountable to these goals.

Time to put some miles on these.