Adventure Planning Close to Home

What do you do when you want to plan inexpensive adventures in order to explore your new locale? Mr. LoveLiveAdventure and I decided to make a game of it.

The Game

We begin the game by announcing that we have planned an adventure. The second person goes along with it, no questions asked. The planner is responsible for making any needed arrangements and gathering all needed clothes or supplies. The point is to explore the area and have fun, but not blow the budget.

The Adventures

We went tubing on a local river for our first adventure and capped it off with a good meal and the best chocolate shake we had ever tasted.

Mr. LLA followed this up with a trip to Deciphered Roanoke. Deciphered Roanoke is an escape room, and if you haven’t been to one, you must go. We were locked in a room with several strangers, and we had to all work together to solve puzzles in order to escape. We succeeded and had a blast doing so. I’m an introvert so when I first realized we were going to be locked in with strangers, I was hesitant, but I got so wrapped up in trying to win I forgot my hesitation.

Next up was a trip to a state park. I love camping and my family instilled in me a love for state parks. Camping with Mr. LLA can be a challenge though, so I had to break the rules of the game and get him involved in deciding where we were going to go. You can make reservations at many state parks using the Reserve America site. It is quick and easy to find availability, and often you can pick your campsite. I narrowed down our choices to three parks that I felt would meet our criteria. I like to swim and hike, and he likes to avoid people. Since we are both teachers, that meant we could go during the week and avoid the larger crowds. We went to Bear Creek Lake State Park in central Virginia. We camped right next to the lake and shared the camp ground with only one other family.

I initiated last night’s adventure with a text after I got to school. It simply said “Adventure tonight”. I saw on the news the potential for the aurora to be seen here, so I planned a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the aurora, but the spirit of adventure was there.

View from a hike near the Blue Ridge Parkway


The Planning

How can you plan an adventure close to your home?

  • Check your local media. What are people reviewing, or what local events are on the calendar?
  • If you like camping and state parks, go off the beaten path. There are many small parks that are hidden gems.
  • Google. Is there something you are interested in trying, but you don’t know how to do it? Run a search and I bet you can find an introductory class near you.
  • Facebook. We went on a night hike this summer after Mr.LLA saw something one of his friends posted.
Blue Ridge Parkway

I hope you take a local adventure soon.