The deodorant that changed my life

I know this is not about an adventure, and deodorant is usually pretty boring. I recently found this product and thought I would share because it really has changed my life.

The Problem

I have really sensitive underarms. They cause me all kinds of grief. Several years ago this manifested as a string of infections. In response, I tried a couple of natural deodorants, but they just didn’t work for me. I have, until recently, been able to cope by shaving less and not wearing deodorant/antiperspirant on the weekends. About a month ago the underarm sensitivity flared up again. This time in the form of a painful, itchy rash. I had no choice but to ditch the deodorant until it cleared, and I decided to search for another alternative to try. This was a very trying time for me as the AC in my classroom was not working well. I left most days smelling like a Yeti. (Sorry if that statement offends any Yetis that might read this post).


The Solution

I had seen a Facebook ad for Schmidt’s, and I put it on my list of possibilities. A quick search led me to a few other natural deodorants to check out. I like to research things before I buy them so I read a lot of reviews. In the end, I decided to purchase Schmidt’s because of the combination of reviews, the price, and the selection of scents. I normally hate scented deodorant, but my brain kept telling me that if I was going to try something without an antiperspirant, that I might need a little scent.

I first purchased the Charcoal and Magnesium version. It has a very pleasant smell. I’m not sure that I think it smells like “freshly fallen rain”, but it is nice. For the first couple of days that I wore it, I kept surreptitiously smelling myself, but it worked. I’ve been using it for about three weeks now, and I can’t believe how great it works. I never smell bad, and while it isn’t an antiperspirant, I don’t feel damp like I did with other natural deodorants. Most of the time I even forget that I have it on. If I start to get warm, then I catch a whiff of the deodorant scent, but no sweaty body odor smell. It even performed well during the heat of an outdoor festival. It also does not leave behind the residue that other products have.



The Verdict

That first purchase cost me $13.94 with shipping. I decided that since it works and does not seem to bother my sensitive skin, that I would sign up for their subscription plan, and I next purchased the Earth and Wood scent. I was able to combine that purchase with a coupon they emailed me and only spent $4.99. The benefit of the subscription plan is that you get free shipping, so I should expect to spend $9-10. While that is more expensive than what I can purchase locally, I think it is worth it for my skin. Besides, a stick of deodorant lasts a while.

I like the Earth and Wood scent as it is a nice woodsy smell with undertones of patchouli, but I prefer the smell of the Charcoal and Magnesium one. I should be able to alter my subscription when it is ready to ship in case I want to try a different scent.


Anyone else have sensitive skin? I really need a recommendation for a moisturizer! My face is freakishly dry and breaks out easily.