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A trip to the Greek Festival

We went to the Roanoke Greek Festival on Sunday and I managed to only take one picture to share. And it is a bad one, but here it is. #blogfail

Our Greek feast

We shared pastichio, moussaka, souvlaki, spanokopita, tiropita, galaktoboureko, and we carted home an assortment of pastries for later. Of the savory dishes, my favorite was the pastichio, and all of the pastries were wonderful. People also had the option of driving through and just picking up food! I thought that was a bit different.

If you aren’t familiar with those dishes, I’ll share my thoughts and identify them in the bad picture. The pastichio and moussaka are very similar looking casseroles, but moussaka has eggplant and pastichio a layer of pasta. The souvlaki is the chicken skewer. The spanokopita is a triangle of phyllo-wrapped spinach and feta. It is almost completely eaten in the picture, but the other phyllo-wrapped triangle was the tiropita. The tiropita featured a cheese filling. The star of the show, in my opinion, was the galaktoboureko, which was custard and phyllo. It reminded me of a dessert I had at a Mediterranean restaurant in Alexandria, LA a very long time ago and loved. That custard was flavored with rosewater though, I think. I tried looking up the Alexandria, LA restaurant to share, but I think it went out of business. I did notice that Robbie G’s is still in business. So, if you ever find yourself in Alexandria go there. You will not be disappointed. Get the fried duck, the crawfish, the catfish. It doesn’t matter.  It was all wonderful.

In addition to the food, there was dancing and a small marketplace. The turnout was quite high. It was exciting seeing that many people interested in Greek culture, but at the same time it was a bit unnerving for this introvert.

I’m reminded that I haven’t made baklava in quite a while. Maybe I should remedy that. I like to flavor mine with just a hint of rose water.

I know this is a pretty short post, but I promise to do better in the future.

Does your city have any fun food oriented festivals?