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My favorite running gear

Confession time. I love running gear, and have quite the collection from my former days of running half marathons. I have a VIP membership to Roadrunnersports, and I use it. (Where are my new shoes, RRS?) I decided that this time around I would try to keep the purchases to a minimum, and so far, so good. But, I do have items that I use all the time, and I think they would be good for beginners, or veteran runners. So, in no particular order….

My Sparkleskirt

I have been a fan of Sparkleskirts for years. I currently own at least five skirts and a pair of Sparklebottoms that are the shorts minus the skirt. When I run races, I wear a Sparkleskirt unless it is too cold. They do have capri options that would be good for the cold, but I haven’t purchased those yet.

Why do I love them? They have a large, zippered pocket on the waist, and two large pockets on the legs. I hate carrying things on runs, so if it can fit in my skirt, I am happy. I can easily carry tissue, cash, gels, my iPod or iPhone, or even a small water flask if I wanted. Not that I make it a habit to carry all of that on me at one time.

They NEVER ride up. I have, shall we say, womanly thighs. I cannot wear cute little running shorts because they ride up my thighs and I chafe. Not fun. Sparkleskirts = no chafing.

Here is my favorite fall skirt. The colors scream fall, and the little bit of sparkle makes me happy.

Here you can see the waist pocket.
Here you can see the pockets on the thighs.


These skirts are machine washable, but I highly suggest you DON”T put them in the dryer. I had a very sparkly one several years ago, and I wasn’t very careful and it made its way into the dryer. I’m still finding sparkles in my running clothes.


My Nathan belt

As I have said, I hate carrying things when I run. My running group requires me to carry water though. In the past, I have tried a variety of water carrying devices. I cannot stand to run with anything in my hands, so all of those options are out. I previously had the best luck with a small Camelbak, but it developed a leak and I couldn’t find a suitable replacement. It also made my back sore to carry it. So, I took a chance and ordered a Nathan Mercury belt.

So far, so good. Most of the time I forget I have it on. It doesn’t move around and it doesn’t cause back pain. I also have enough room to stash my car keys and headlamp in the zippered pocket.


My Fitbit and Road ID

I used to run with a very large Garmin watch, but nowadays I have a Fitbit Charge 2. It has an exercise tracker and watch so that I can wear it all the time and not have to switch to something just for running. I can also set run/walk intervals on it. The interval timer uses a vibration, so I am not plagued with an annoying series of beeps. If you have ever been to a race, you know how annoying and confusing that can get if you run/walk.

My running group also requires that we have some sort of ID on us. I have had wrist and shoe versions of the Road ID in the past, but I had nothing with my current address. I was impressed to see that they have something that can slide onto the wristband of my Fitbit! It was easy to put on the Fitbit and is metal so I think it will be pretty durable. I also don’t have to worry about forgetting it at home or leaving it on my other pair of shoes.

The black part at the top is my Road ID.


What’s your favorite bit of running gear?