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Paint your pet night

To celebrate my first day of winter break, I went to “Paint your pet night” at the Taubman Museum. It was a lot of fun. I signed up earlier this month on a whim. Pheebs is 18. While I have a ton of digital pictures, I thought it would be nice to have a piece of art featuring her highness. Other than a few paint-by-numbers in my youth, I have very limited painting experience, so I was hesitant that my painting would be recognizable.

Ahead of the event, participants had to email a picture of their pet. I sent this one:


When I got to the museum, I walked around the room looking for my canvas. Finally, I found my work area:

I sat down with my glass of wine and chatted with the women around me. First, we started with painting our backgrounds and blocking. There were several painters that circulated around the room, suggesting colors and helping with brushstrokes as needed. After about an hour, this is what I had.

As we got into adding color and detail, I took advantage of the offered assistance to learn about adding shading and brush strokes that made her look her normal furry self. We left the eyes and nose for last. I did get some help at the end with some added definition around her eyes. I’m pretty happy with the final product. It is cool to have a painting with such personal meaning hanging on my wall.

I can’t wait to check out some of the other classes the Taubman has to offer!