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    How I meal plan for a week

    One of my goals for 2018 is to do more meal planning. So what does that look like? I LOVE reading about food. I have magazine subscriptions, shelves of cookbooks, and the internet at my disposal. It can all get overwhelming when I sit down to plan out our meals, so I thought I would take you through my process.  My Meal Planning Process The Internet Throughout the week, I save links for recipes that look interesting from Facebook, Pinterest, and a couple of blogs that I read regularly. On Saturdays when I meal plan, I go back to these ideas and delete any links that no longer sound good. You…

  • take a class at your local museum
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    Pompoms and more – a mini adventure at a local museum

    It started with Pompoms Pompoms, pom-poms, pom poms. It doesn’t matter how you spell them, they seem to be everywhere lately. They are the DIY version of funfetti and I love them. Thanks to Pinterest, I want to make pompom (apparently the correct spelling) earrings, a garland, and a rug. I have a confession to make though; I never learned how to make them as a child. After reading several online tutorials and watching some videoes, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bunch of yarn and jump in. That all changed after a drop-in class at my local art museum. A night at the museum You might remember that I…

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    Air fryer chicken wings

    Every once in a while I crave chicken wings. Then I eat them and I am disappointed. They are usually too greasy, and not worth the mess. The last time this craving struck, I tried to bake them. I even coated them with rice flour and baked them on a wire rack in an effort to make them crispy. It took forever and they were vile. I might have eaten two. Pheebs wasn’t even interested in them. Well, the craving hit again and I decided to try out the air fryer on them. I was struck with inspiration for a recipe after coming across this post for Peruvian Style Roast Chicken…

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    What I’m Loving Lately: January 2018

    The days here are cold and dreary. School just started back, and it feels like forever until spring break and warm days will make an appearance. January is a time for reflection and resetting. Here are some things I’m loving along those lines. My Oil Diffusers When I was a kid, I remember that my mom had some dried eucalyptus and I loved the smell of it. A couple of years ago I was sitting in my office at work when I caught a whiff of eucalyptus. The old memories came rushing back, and I went to find the source of the smell. It turned out to be someone working…

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    Happy New Year!

    Ok, yes, I know this is a little late. I have been sooo lazy in preparation for the new semester that starts tomorrow. I hope your New Year is off to a great start. So far mine has consisted of cuddle time with the Pheebs, homemade egg drop soup, and trying to stay warm.   Isn’t Mitzy the cutest dog ever? Don’t get too excited, Pheebs is still an only cat child. Mitzy is my mom’s. While Mr. LLA and I visited my mom we enjoyed much Mitzy time (and Katy and Corky). We also played a lot of cards, worked on puzzles, ate a lot of food, and went to…