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Happy New Year!

Ok, yes, I know this is a little late. I have been sooo lazy in preparation for the new semester that starts tomorrow. I hope your New Year is off to a great start. So far mine has consisted of cuddle time with the Pheebs, homemade egg drop soup, and trying to stay warm.

Mitzy wishes you a Happy New Year!


Isn’t Mitzy the cutest dog ever? Don’t get too excited, Pheebs is still an only cat child. Mitzy is my mom’s. While Mr. LLA and I visited my mom we enjoyed much Mitzy time (and Katy and Corky). We also played a lot of cards, worked on puzzles, ate a lot of food, and went to Nashville.

While in Nashville, we went to Corsair Distillery for a little tour and a taste. I have been on several distillery and brewery tours, and I think the guy that gave this one was incredibly knowledgeable and detailed. It was very interesting. Now, for a bit of a disclaimer – I am not a whiskey drinker. That being said, I found one of their whiskey quite drinkable – the Oatrage. If you are in Nashville, check them out. The tour/tasting was $8 and they are open more days of the week for tours than any other distillery/brewery I could find in the area. They are located in an old car factory, and I thought the building was neat to look at too.


Some of Corsair’s whiskey lineup.


We have been to Nashville quite a bit over the years, so this quick trip was to check out some things we had never done before. In addition to Corsair, we were to the Parthenon and the museum inside. It was a bitterly cold day and I had left my coat at home, so I didn’t stand around and take pictures outside. You also can’t take any pictures in the gallery, but I was impressed with parts of their collection. The museum had a painting by Winslow Homer that I thought was very pretty, but I really enjoyed the exhibit of Camille Engel’s work. Her paintings focused on Tennessee state symbols and were very vibrant and realistic.. I especially liked her paintings of dogs. Unfortunately, her show at the Parthenon seems to have ended, but you can check out some of the paintings here.

One interesting feature of the Parthenon is the statue of Athena. You are allowed to take pictures of her.

Statue of Athena


Since returning home, we have been trying to keep out of the bitter cold that has hit our area. I made some egg drop soup to help warm us up. Mr. LLA claims I was influenced by too much Iron Chef while at my mom’s. I’m not sure, but according to Facebook, I made egg drop soup two years ago too and took almost the same picture. Oh well, it is comfort food. And an excuse to use my fancy bowls and spoons. Maybe I should share my recipe. It is incredibly simple and quick to make.

Egg drop soup


On to a new semester tomorrow. I’m ready for the fresh start!