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What I’m Loving Lately: January 2018

The days here are cold and dreary. School just started back, and it feels like forever until spring break and warm days will make an appearance. January is a time for reflection and resetting. Here are some things I’m loving along those lines.

My Oil Diffusers

When I was a kid, I remember that my mom had some dried eucalyptus and I loved the smell of it. A couple of years ago I was sitting in my office at work when I caught a whiff of eucalyptus. The old memories came rushing back, and I went to find the source of the smell. It turned out to be someone working down the hall. They were using some eucalyptus essential oil to help with their sinuses. I have awful sinus problems, so I was intrigued, but more than anything I wanted the smell of eucalyptus for my home. That night I ordered a small oil diffuser for my bedroom. We use it every night.

I recently decided to add a larger one downstairs to ensure that my house always smells fresh. (I really wish Pheebs would learn how to scoop her own litterbox). I’m not a fan of air fresheners as I tend to think of most of them as chemical soups. Also, Mr. LLA can’t stand them, but we can both agree on my essential oils. I still rely heavily on eucalyptus but have other things like patchouli and some cold and flu blends. I don’t know how effective they are against viruses, but the pleasant smell makes me happy. Here is the diffuser I run downstairs, as well as my favorite eucalyptus oil.


This Mustard

I picked up this mustard while visiting my mom. It has a nice, spicy kick, and I’m putting it on everything! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find this particular one around here. I might have to request a care package.

The best mustard on the planet!


Meal Planning

One of my goals for 2018 is to cook more. A key strategy to meet this goal is to plan out our meals for the week. We made a meal planning template. I write out all our meals for the week and then make my grocery list. I know what I need to prep when, and what I need to throw in our lunchboxes each morning. So far, so good. I need some new lunch containers for us though. I used to have some like these. Do you have some favorite containers that you pack lunches in?


This Air Fryer

Back in December, I was wondering if I would find an air fryer to be useful. I’m still not sure. However, my mom loaned me her air fryer to try out for a few months. So far, I’ve only made french fries in it, but they were easy and tasty. This week I am planning on making some chicken with it, so I’ll see how that goes.