Sticking to New Year's Resolutions
2018,  Goals

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions is usually something that is very hard for people. We make lofty goals like “lose 20 pounds”, but we don’t make a plan for how we are going to get there. I believe that you need to pair goals with actions in order to be successful, and that is what I did back in December. Have I been completely successful? No. BUT I have reevaluated and changed my goals and action plans if needed. I’m not going to just give up.

Goal #1 -Blog more

My action plan was to maintain a list of possible blog topics and to write about them, and I have.  Blog posts are happening on a regular schedule, and I have a running list of topics to blog on. I have joined several Facebook groups to learn more about blogging, and I am currently trying to learn more about Pinterest. I also expressed a desire to get back to a focus on local adventures. I do search these out, and if one catches my fancy I go to it (like the International Wine Festival). I am also planning on doing a series of posts about a big trip I am taking this summer! More on that later.

Verdict: I’m on track with this goal, but I am tweaking it. I would like to grow my blog to a larger and more consistent audience. If anyone has ideas to share for how I can do this, please do so.

New Action plan: Continue maintaining a list of topics and be more active on social media to grow my blog.


Goal #2 – Cook Real Food More

My action plan was to do more advance meal planning and prepping. So far, so good, except for one weekend that I was sick. Mr. LLA was in charge of planning and shopping for the week, and while I am glad there was food in the house, it wasn’t of the homemade variety that week. I have a bit of prep work to do this afternoon in order to make packing lunches in the morning grab-and-go. Our meals this week are pretty simple – vegetables+protein. This week’s focus is on fast and healthy. We have both been using the air fryer more, and it is safe to say we love it. I made the best “fried” tofu in it the other week. There will be a recipe post in the future.

We are going to have to return my mom’s air fryer to her though and purchase our own. I’m currently eyeing the one below as it has a pretty large capacity. My biggest pet peeve about air fryers is that they don’t cook a lot of food. I can’t really depend on an air fryer meal producing enough leftovers to pack for lunch the next day. Unless I want to cook two batches. However, I think if I got a family-sized one the problem would be solved.

Verdict: I’m on track with this goal. My action plan remains the same. 


Goal #3 – Run Some Races

I had just run my second 5k of 2017 when I posted this goal, and it was the end of the training season I had signed up for with a running group. They restarted in February, but I wasn’t able to join because it interferes with my new commitment to Girls on The Run. This week I will start volunteering with a local team as we prepare the girls for a 5k in May. 

Verdict: Technically, I have signed up for a 5k in May, but it isn’t my own personal running goal, and I haven’t been running in the crappy winter weather. I haven’t even looked at races.  My Saturday morning runs have turned into running after kids at a part-time weekend job. Running has been sidelined. 

New Action Plan: Give it my all while working with these girls and get some exercise in. 

What about you? Are you sticking to your goals, or have you changed them? Please let me know in the comments below.