About Me

My name is Erin.

I live with my cat, Pheebs, and Mr. Love Live Adventure. Pheebs has been adventuring with me for 18 years. She likes to limit her adventures to trying new foods, and figuring out new ways to torture the humans. Lately that has consisted of waking them up throughout the night to cater to her desire to play in the shower.

I spend most of the year adventuring with middle school students as we navigate the mysteries of science and middle school logic. I hope to share some posts of my adventures in personalized learning this year as our school goes 1:1.

Mr. Love Live Adventure and I recently moved to a new house in a new city (well new-ish as it is near where we used to live). Lately our adventures have focused on exploring the city and the newfound joys of home-ownership.

I’m looking forward to many adventures, both small and large.