• 4 reasons you should go to a wine festival

    4 Reasons You Should Go to a Wine Festival

    This past weekend we went to the International Wine Festival at the Taubman Museum. Mr. LLA had never been to a wine festival before, so I thought I would share some reasons to attend one if you get a chance. And next year, if you are in Roanoke, VA on January 27, you should come to ours. 1. You get to try wines from all over the world for a bargain price We tried 35 wines from France, the USA, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Australia. Some of the types were completely new to me like the Hondarrabi Zuri from Spain, and the Grillo and Appassimento from Italy. All of these…

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    Pompoms and more – a mini adventure at a local museum

    It started with Pompoms Pompoms, pom-poms, pom poms. It doesn’t matter how you spell them, they seem to be everywhere lately. They are the DIY version of funfetti¬†and I love them. Thanks to Pinterest, I want to make pompom (apparently the correct spelling) earrings, a garland, and a rug. I have a confession to make though; I never learned how to make them as a child. After reading several online tutorials and watching some videoes, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bunch of yarn and jump in. That all changed after a drop-in class at my local art museum. A night at the museum You might remember that I…

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    Happy New Year!

    Ok, yes, I know this is a little late. I have been sooo¬†lazy in preparation for the new semester that starts tomorrow. I hope your New Year is off to a great start. So far mine has consisted of cuddle time with the Pheebs, homemade egg drop soup, and trying to stay warm.   Isn’t Mitzy the cutest dog ever? Don’t get too excited, Pheebs is still an only cat child. Mitzy is my mom’s. While Mr. LLA and I visited my mom we enjoyed much Mitzy time (and Katy and Corky). We also played a lot of cards, worked on puzzles, ate a lot of food, and went to…

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    Paint your pet night

    To celebrate my first day of winter break, I went to “Paint your pet night” at the Taubman Museum. It was a lot of fun. I signed up earlier this month on a whim. Pheebs is 18. While I have a ton of digital pictures, I thought it would be nice to have a piece of art featuring her highness. Other than a few paint-by-numbers in my youth, I have very limited painting experience, so I was hesitant that my painting would be recognizable. Ahead of the event, participants had to email a picture of their pet. I sent this one:   When I got to the museum, I walked…

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    YES, you can go camping by yourself

    I was recently chatting with a friend when she said something that really struck me. She said that she wanted to go camping very badly, but her boyfriend didn’t want to. I asked her why she didn’t just go by herself, and her response was, “I never thought about that.” My message for everyone, but especially women is, YES, you can go camping by yourself. Disclaimer – While I enjoy camping by myself, I don’t do it very often. I’ve been blessed with a lifetime of people who love camping too so I’m hardly ever alone. I do not profess to be an expert. I know some people look down…