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    Pompoms and more – a mini adventure at a local museum

    It started with Pompoms Pompoms, pom-poms, pom poms. It doesn’t matter how you spell them, they seem to be everywhere lately. They are the DIY version of funfetti and I love them. Thanks to Pinterest, I want to make pompom (apparently the correct spelling) earrings, a garland, and a rug. I have a confession to make though; I never learned how to make them as a child. After reading several online tutorials and watching some videoes, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bunch of yarn and jump in. That all changed after a drop-in class at my local art museum. A night at the museum You might remember that I…

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    A gaudy, gaudy Christmas

    I occasionally get the urge to be crafty. This is usually unfortunate as my crafting skills are mediocre at best. The urge struck this week, and I headed to the local craft store wanting to make some jewelry. I didn’t see anything I wanted though until inspiration struck. I had been planning on getting a fresh Christmas wreath for our front door. The craft store had some items on sale that I thought I could use to decorate a wreath. Instead, I decided to make one; a gaudy one. I have had a lifelong love for gaudy, tacky Christmas lights and decorations. If it hurts your eyes to look at it, I…